Monday, May 2, 2016

Nerves (of steel?)

Yman had his Muny Orientation yesterday.  When we walked up the ramp, he immediately saw some of the high school kids he dances with and bee lined for them.  High fives and hugs were handed out and he was feeling pretty confident.  While we waited, another performer he had met at call backs saw him, gave a fist bump and was off.  Confidence was showing in him and I was having an extremely proud Mom Moment.
Orientation went well.  Questions asked and answered.  Then we went on a tour backstage of Muny.  What an amazing place.  You can feel and see the history all around you.
Then the big moment happened.  We were on the stage.  Confidence gave way to Awe and Nervousness!  It's a lot of seats!
I said "Now imagine them full of people!"  His eyes got really big and he just kinda starred.
He never really said he was nervous but his mannerisms showed otherwise.
We finished up with our tour and departed.  He was so very excited and I am so proud of him!

When we were home and waiting for dinner to finish cooking, we let the chicks have a roam in the yard.  I think they were nervous also, staying together, moving together throughout their new surroundings.  I was nervous they would get into somewhere I wouldn't be able to retrieve them from.
So I called out my Chicken Hawk.  Needless to say, he thought I was overreacting a little bit and said there was nothing to be nervous or worry about and he doesn't need to watch the chickens (he needed a screen time break anyway).  So he went and sat and watched over the nervous chicks.  I would look at him and he would roll his eyes!  After a bit, I would look at him and he would smile back at me.  I think watching the chicks did him so good!
New things keep happening with this family for sure.  Luckily we have nerves of steel and can take on any new challenge.  Proud Mom day for sure!

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Mia said...

Very cool. Exciting times!