Saturday, April 30, 2016


bubbles: the cute little things your children blow out of dish soap and water; the dish water soap walls we all hope to put ourselves in and float around in like fairies; our personal space that we hope no one will invade; everyone else's personal space that we hope we will not tread on.

You know what? They get broken.  Life changer

I am a huge fan of bubbles.  Globe bubbles especially.  The bubbles that can show me the world.  Some of my globes light up, some are flat, some are round.  They are bubbles of the Earth.
They have unstoppable means.  Go from here to there in a heartbeat, a swipe of the ball, a turn of the page, a look in a book.
A piece of hail that has traveled so far to fall

The bubbles I am not a fan of are the bubbles that get popped so easily.  One wrong word, and destruction happens.  One wrong glance based on a viewpoint of that moment.  POP!! bubble bursted. Friendship lost, first impression lost, everything lost.
I personally thought the Wubble Bubble would be awesome but the first time it hit a blade of grass, it bursted too.
Some bubbles that cannot be burst are the one's you trust.  They come in a small few select varieties.  And are mostly found with the people you love when you least expect it.  And they come in the shape of a heart...

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