Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I remember what seems likes feel forever ago, what it meant to show my Son how to use a dictionary.  And for the record, they do not teach dictionary use in schools any longer.   Now I am doing it.
Needed the definition of:

flight (insert funny characters) 1. the act of flying, manner or power of flying. 2. The distance flown. 3. A group of things flying together..and etc

Did you ever know that the reason migratory birds fly in a V shape is that it increases their lift and reduces drag so they can fly longer and more efficiently?
These are not geese, but actually Pelicans we saw along the Mississippi River Sunday while visiting my Mom.
My Mom taught me to fly.  To keep moving forward.  To keep seeking happiness.  To stay together. She also taught me to look for the special things in life.
From a distance, we assumed these birds were Geese.  When they got closer and we looked harder we realized they were Pelicans.  Had we just assumed what we thought originally and not paid attention, we wouldn't have seen the Pelicans.
Everyday is a day to pay attention.  To not assume.  To know that at any moment anything can happen.  To know that one day, you will be on your own and not have the benefit of others for an increase in lift and a decrease in drag.
 Always look closely.  You never know what you will see.
There are many beautiful things hidden right before our eyes.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Nerves (of steel?)

Yman had his Muny Orientation yesterday.  When we walked up the ramp, he immediately saw some of the high school kids he dances with and bee lined for them.  High fives and hugs were handed out and he was feeling pretty confident.  While we waited, another performer he had met at call backs saw him, gave a fist bump and was off.  Confidence was showing in him and I was having an extremely proud Mom Moment.
Orientation went well.  Questions asked and answered.  Then we went on a tour backstage of Muny.  What an amazing place.  You can feel and see the history all around you.
Then the big moment happened.  We were on the stage.  Confidence gave way to Awe and Nervousness!  It's a lot of seats!
I said "Now imagine them full of people!"  His eyes got really big and he just kinda starred.
He never really said he was nervous but his mannerisms showed otherwise.
We finished up with our tour and departed.  He was so very excited and I am so proud of him!

When we were home and waiting for dinner to finish cooking, we let the chicks have a roam in the yard.  I think they were nervous also, staying together, moving together throughout their new surroundings.  I was nervous they would get into somewhere I wouldn't be able to retrieve them from.
So I called out my Chicken Hawk.  Needless to say, he thought I was overreacting a little bit and said there was nothing to be nervous or worry about and he doesn't need to watch the chickens (he needed a screen time break anyway).  So he went and sat and watched over the nervous chicks.  I would look at him and he would roll his eyes!  After a bit, I would look at him and he would smile back at me.  I think watching the chicks did him so good!
New things keep happening with this family for sure.  Luckily we have nerves of steel and can take on any new challenge.  Proud Mom day for sure!

Saturday, April 30, 2016


bubbles: the cute little things your children blow out of dish soap and water; the dish water soap walls we all hope to put ourselves in and float around in like fairies; our personal space that we hope no one will invade; everyone else's personal space that we hope we will not tread on.

You know what? They get broken.  Life changer

I am a huge fan of bubbles.  Globe bubbles especially.  The bubbles that can show me the world.  Some of my globes light up, some are flat, some are round.  They are bubbles of the Earth.
They have unstoppable means.  Go from here to there in a heartbeat, a swipe of the ball, a turn of the page, a look in a book.
A piece of hail that has traveled so far to fall

The bubbles I am not a fan of are the bubbles that get popped so easily.  One wrong word, and destruction happens.  One wrong glance based on a viewpoint of that moment.  POP!! bubble bursted. Friendship lost, first impression lost, everything lost.
I personally thought the Wubble Bubble would be awesome but the first time it hit a blade of grass, it bursted too.
Some bubbles that cannot be burst are the one's you trust.  They come in a small few select varieties.  And are mostly found with the people you love when you least expect it.  And they come in the shape of a heart...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

experiential education

This past Saturday, I helped host a conference on Experiential Education.

If you don't know what that means, it may very well mean you are already doing it and don't realize that it has a title. Doesn't matter how old you are or at what stage of your education you are in, or who you are teaching.

The title of this conference was: Buzzwords.
Project Based Learning

These 3 buzzzwords were the focus.
How do we teach Grit? and What is it? other than a very vague term for a breakfast dish.
How do we change Mindset? Because the sky is always Blue, but can be a different color.
How do we show that 1+1 can equal two, but 2 can be infinite?

It became quite aware to me from early on, that I was already teaching this to my kids.

You will fail.  There is never a doubt,  No matter how well you do, but at some point, you will fail.  You will fail someone else's perspective on what you should be, You will fail on your report card on how well you should have done in a class.  You will fail on a first impression.  We all fail.  Grit is how you get up from that.  How you are taught to brush it off and keep going.
They thought Charley was a girl trying to get into the Boys dressing room for his performances..Aka: failing someone else's perspective.  He made it very clear who he was and why he was there.

" I can't do that" "I'm not capable" " I'm not sure"
With the right guidance can turn into "I haven't tried this before but am willing too", "I have failed before but it taught me what I know what not to do again", "This could be a fun challenge"
This is what I teach my kiddos; Change your mindset, change your lives.  It's only what YOU believe that can keep you from accomplishing your goals.
So many times people have heard that my boys dance and they cringe without thinking they are being noticed for doing so. My boys immediately see it...they are children after all, and immediately think how stupid people can be, which leads them back to Grit. and how they have to be that much more resilient and smarter than everyone else
That leaves Project Based Learning (PBL).
This can be a touchy subject because it can take on curricula from an hour to a whole semester.
Or it can take on a half hour to a year.
How do you brush your teeth to how do you raise a garden that produces vegetables.

Helping to plan this conference has been an eye opener for me.  More so in the fact that these 3 Buzzwords are how I have raised my children all along.  It was how I was raised, and how I was taught.
Most importantly I was taught that you don't get a trophy unless you earn it, and unless you can figure out what you are doing wrong, you can not improve to ever succeed.  And that determines your level of Grit, Mindset, and how you will solve your problem.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Was a Snow Day

An unexpected snow day.  Maybe 3 inches of really dry snow.
None the less, a snow day: no school, hot chocolate, lots of wet clothes, and:
a Sister who said "Let's go!",
boys in their element,
hanging from trees,
and getting along to find their way home.

Because they had work to do...

(have to admit, Bellie did all the work.  I was in bed with a fever and was sad to miss it all).

I love my kids.  How they embrace and trust each other is a gift for me.

Monday, January 18, 2016


watching grass grow
waiting for water to boil

the truth of it is, you either have it or you don't.
because when you need it, it is out of your control.