Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I remember what seems likes feel forever ago, what it meant to show my Son how to use a dictionary.  And for the record, they do not teach dictionary use in schools any longer.   Now I am doing it.
Needed the definition of:

flight (insert funny characters) 1. the act of flying, manner or power of flying. 2. The distance flown. 3. A group of things flying together..and etc

Did you ever know that the reason migratory birds fly in a V shape is that it increases their lift and reduces drag so they can fly longer and more efficiently?
These are not geese, but actually Pelicans we saw along the Mississippi River Sunday while visiting my Mom.
My Mom taught me to fly.  To keep moving forward.  To keep seeking happiness.  To stay together. She also taught me to look for the special things in life.
From a distance, we assumed these birds were Geese.  When they got closer and we looked harder we realized they were Pelicans.  Had we just assumed what we thought originally and not paid attention, we wouldn't have seen the Pelicans.
Everyday is a day to pay attention.  To not assume.  To know that at any moment anything can happen.  To know that one day, you will be on your own and not have the benefit of others for an increase in lift and a decrease in drag.
 Always look closely.  You never know what you will see.
There are many beautiful things hidden right before our eyes.

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