Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Just a few things I've been pondering today:

1.  When the boys have the trains set up all over the living room, how long should I leave them out before I make them clean them up?

2.  Why are nine year olds able to text each other "love" symbols without any parents paying attention?
  2a.  Why am I the only parent paying attention?

3.  Why do nine year olds have phones that are nicer than mine?

4.  Spam email, is spam email PERIOD.  My nine year old knows that, why doesn't everyone else?  Who really wants to receive a FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: email about anything?  I think maybe twice in my life have they been worth opening, and even then, I could have done without it (unless it is one of really cute animals, and even then, the subject line has been changed!).

5.  How does blue toothpaste end up ALL over the bathroom?  Their mouths are only so big!

6.  Speaking of blue, why can't I get my bluetooth to download photos from my phone to my computer?
  6a.  I wonder if my nine year old could do it?

7.  I read a comment on a blog recently that said "It sounds like a ferret on crack trying to tell a turtle about its day".  Will I ever get this thought out of my mind when I hear my children shouting "Mommy, MommY, MOMmy, MOMMY!!"?

8.  Why are silly bandz so addicting for kids?  Seriously, this would be money I would be willing to spend for it to be "studied".  Hey kiddos: It is a rubber band in the shape of something!!  So What?

9.  Why can't I invent something as off the wall as Silly Bandz, Charlie the Unicorn, or Fred (sorry, don't know how to make a backward r).  These people are all making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of being Silly (and here I am helping them)!!  We act silly at our house all the time, I still haven't seen a check come in from it!!
Maybe this would work to add some coin to our bank account:
"If it weren't for family, we'd all be ugly!" --Joel (this could be a whole post in itself, but I will spare you! like I said, Silly).

10.  Why I am completely exhausted at 1:30pm, and then at 10pm I have the energy of a three year old and can't even fathom going to sleep?

Ugghh, the questions of life!!  And here I thought the biggest question of all was,,, well never mind!

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