Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Season

As the last summer sunset set, the Super Harvest Moon rose tonight.  A moon that tells us: This is your last chance to prepare, It has ended.
Summer is officially over and Autumn has come in to take its place.  The seasons turn in a blink of the eye, but the feeling can last for weeks.

The trees have not yet started turning.  An Indian Summer hit us this past week and we had one last glimpse of the simple life.  Mother Nature has not yet reminded us of the darkness and cool nights that are to come, but we can feel they are on their way.
With Jupiter in the shadow of the moon, it gives me hope that I have a little more time to get ready for Autumn, even though it is already here.

As I start planning crockery recipes for early and fast dinners, I start to think of how short the days will become until December takes us back into the longer days.  The shorter days also mean to me that we will always be on the run, the kiddos will need more sleep, and heavier blankets need to be on the beds.  Strangely enough, I welcome it.  Fall is my favorite season.

Fall is a time for me to look inward on myself for strength.  The innate ability to put myself forward to take care of business, to get things done, and make sure we are all accounted for and happy in what we are doing.

As my camera fouled once again this evening, the photo seemed to be a foreshadow in my mind to make sure that everything stays in focus.
Our house is a busy house, no matter what the season.  What we need to remember is why we are gathered here: To set our sights on the best that we can be, and to hold each other up in praise so to continually love one another and have fun doing what we do (no matter what that may be)!

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dizzy said...

Love the photos. I saw the harvest moon while walking R - or is it W? And the house has such a welcoming glow.