Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What was I thinking?

Okay, I have to admit I like Facebook. It keeps me up with my friends, yadda yadda. We all know the reasons we like to be on Facebook, the silly, mind numbing games!

Last night I saw that a friend of mine had played Frontierville. It's like Farmville, but you are on the Western Frontier trying to build a homestead and a town. I thought "this is right up my alley!" and signed on to play! At first it was interesting, trying to figure out what does what and how you earn coins, food, and shelter. Then addicting. and then today, it hit me! What am I thinking?

Frontierville is work, work, work. Yes, you get to make yourself look pretty, but still! You work to clear land, build a house, fight off bears, gophers, rattlesnakes. You feed chickens and sheep. Grow your own vegetables and fruit trees to eat. Try to get friends involved so they can participate and help you out. Oh, and you run out of energy so when you are ready to do something, the game won't let you because you have no energy reserves (unless you want to pay cold hard cash for it)! I needed to play this why I ask?!? oh yeah, to remind me of what I do everyday!

Why don't they invent the game "Mommyville"? Mommyville would be interesting to figure out for a lot of people.
Things such as earning coins if you can figure out why the 4 year old is screaming and the top of their lungs, having enough energy to make breakfast, lunch, snack, snack, snack, dinner, snack in a matter of minutes (without paying for it), trying to decipher the lump on a child's head to see what it was cracked on! trying to fix the toilet because the 3 year old flushed who knows what down it, And the best reward would be if you met every single challenge and won, you would get a night out with friends!

Ahh, one can dream! In the meantime..
I'll see you on Facebook!

edited to say: why aren't these chickens in Frontierville free range? they wouldn't need to be fed as often!!

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