Thursday, July 8, 2010


The news the past few nights has been about children being abducted. (and yes, I'm one of those mom's who has the news on at dinner, but mainly to watch the weather!). They went through the past 20 years of children going missing. I looked at my daughter with a look of "I told you so".

I didn't mean to. It just kinda happened.
It just kinda happened because I hear a lot of "Can I go ...? Can I go on my bike...? Can I go with the dog...?".
And I always answer "No, not yet. When you're older." but somehow I knew this time she understood.

Understood why I do say "Take your cell phone and call me as soon as you get there. What? yes I know you are only going two blocks!" or "Call, me when you are on your way home! why? because I said so!!".

It breaks my heart.
It breaks my heart that parents are constantly worrying and fretting about their children's safety.
Mostly, it breaks my heart because we have to put a fear into our children to be soo careful in a time of their life when they should be carefree.

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