Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring Creek, South Dakota

The last post when I stated we were building a house for a family of 12, I was wrong. It is a family with 12 children and two adults! The house we are working on is next to their current home and they are soo needing to move in! This house has been being worked on for the last two years. I can't imagine how frustrating the family is feeling! To be watching you new home built with anticipation, knowing the end is near would be rough!

But I can understand why to time has gone by so slowly. Habitat for Humanity is worked by volunteers and I as a volunteer move pretty slowly!
In two days, I have learned that laminate flooring and storm doors are not my friends. I used to think I was pretty handy, but after working with our fantastic Foreman, Steve, I realize I really have no clue!! After my buddy Rudy and I admired the wonderful work we had done putting the storm door on, we realized we had it on backwards. So instead of spending a morning on one door, we spent all day! And then at the end, Steve came a helped us out again to fit the hardware for the handles. Did I say I don't have a clue yet?
Rudy's face says it all!

Even with all the hard work, we are having a great time! The bathroom situations aren't so great at the work site though. We head to the creek area for some privacy. After looking around the lowlands by Spring Creek today, my friend Amy and I decided to try to walk over to the creek and see if we could jump in to cool off. We never saw the creek, but we saw the monster patch of poison ivy we were standing in the middle of, and the whip-por-will nest we almost stepped on and figured it would be best to head back to the worksite and pray we wouldn't be itching soon! So far, so good!

The sun is strong here, the breeze is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful!
It was a good day!

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