Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Work Day

Today was very exciting!
We are finishing up a house for a family of 12, and they have been waiting quite awhile to move in! Hopefully, we can finish it by the end of the week and make the children happy!
You know those Big Box Hardware Stores that you see advertising laminate flooring that you can put in yourself as a weekend project? That's what I was working on today, but in closets. Please do NOT believe the commercials! It took me all day to finish 2 closet floors! And I'm still trying to figure out how my face became sunburned being in a closet!!
We worked hard today and did not get any exciting photos, so I thought I would share what we saw yesterday at Niobrara State Park in Nebraska.

Trees that started growing ages ago!

Bark of Ponderosa Pine that reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle!

A wonderful hiking trail that I was put in charge of leading! Luckily there was a pamphlet that held all the information!

A statue of Mary with no eyes at St. Francis

St. Francis the purple church

Yesterday was a great day to get a feel for these beautiful rolling hills we are in and to get to know new people and old friends even better! The temp here is right around 85 and has a nice breeze blowing!

All my love to everyone back home!


dizzy said...

I just knew you were better suited to work in the houses! I am afraid that once I got into a closet I might get stuck!

Anonymous said...

It's sounds like you're working hard mom!

miss Bellie

Joel said...

The pictures are great and I can't wait to see more