Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kids don't get it!

I'm trying to figure out what happened to "the lazy days of summer". The past two days, all I've heard is "I'm bored!" from my kiddos! The other phrase of choice is "what are we going to do today?". When I respond that it is summer, we are supposed to relax, unwind and just enjoy not having anything to do they look at me like my head is on backwards!

I'm trying to get creative with my responses. Such as "go play basketball with your new hoop" or "I can set up the hammock and you can lay outside and read" or "why don't all of you play a board game?". Their response is "Nah, I'm just bored".

The boys have discovered they are able to use the mouse on the computer and can now play their own video games, which helps to some degree. They really enjoy it because it makes them feel like a "big kid".
Mr. Stinky keeps begging for a superhero cape, because he is getting a little tired of the apron he has been wearing around his neck. If he could keep his mind set on one color for the cape, I would whip it up in no time, but one day he wants it purple, the next yellow, the next green and on and on. Maybe I should just make one that is striped!

Mr. Mischief's boredom buster is to run around annoying everyone who is bored. At least he can entertain himself!

For the rest of us, I'm not sure what I'm going to come up with. I'm thinking some cooking and sewing classes.?.

I really didn't think boredom would set in this early! I'm not even caught up on laundry yet since the school year has ended!

Boredom did land Ms. Bellie onto the Youtube series "Charlie the Unicorn". I thought I would share with you what I've been listening to them giggle about. I'm trying to figure out why they think this is so funny. Maybe I should have rephrased to "Mom's don't get it!".

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