Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summertime itch relief

Saturday evening, after we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, hanging, laughing, cliff jumping, boat riding fun on the Meramec River, we became a flesh eating target for the mosquitos that have blossomed in Missouri due to all the rain.

The age old question of "Why do mosquitos buzz in your ear?" was answered Saturday with a loud boom of "BECAUSE WE ARE HUNGRY"! And that they were. They ate us up! No sooner than you could find the repellent, we all had at least 10 bites apiece on our bodies!
Mr. Mischief seemed to take the hardest blow from them. His bites are still large and itchy, long after ours are gone. Luckily he hasn't scratched them to the point of any type of infection, but tonight I thought I would share my recipe for itchy skin that at some point in time all my children have needed. I hope you find it helpful!

In a cotton tea bag add:
2 tablespoons Bee Naturals Queen Bee Milk Bath
2 tablespoons dried Chamomile flowers
1 tablespoon dried Lavendar flowers
Tie the bag and let it float in the bathtub or have your child use the bag as their wash cloth to scrub down in the shower. Either way, the ingredients dissolve and infuse to create a sleepytime, itchy skin relief that makes everyone more comfortable!

See for yourself the results (and no, it doesn't hurt to taste it!):

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