Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let me introduce the newest Superheros!

Mr. Stinky aka Larry Boy

Mr. Mischief aka ElectroShock Man

Ms. Bellie aka Mary Girl

Mr. Stinky has begun his newest fascination: Larry the Cucumber as Larry Boy! We have always loved Veggie Tales in our house, but we were only familiar with the older ones that came out when Ms. Bellie was younger. Larry Boy is new to us and he LOVES it! His favorite so far is Larry Boy and The Bad Apple. I love the messages these videos offer. Mr. Stinky has been running around telling everyone to be good, because that is what God wants us to do.

Mr. Stinky has been begging me to make him a Larry Boy outfit. So after watching him run around for two days with shoes on his ears, pretending they were plungers, I figured I should make at least a hat, before I started confusing him with Get Smart! And as every mother knows, what you do for one child, you usually have to do for the others!

Join me in saying their newest phrase:
"We are those heros!"


dizzy said...

Love them all!

joven said...

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