Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My last day

Today was my last day of teaching preschool for this year! I have to admit I had mixed emotions! One is I'm very ready for summer and an easier pace, the other, I will totally miss my kids!! As a couple of my kids left today, I was brought to tears because I knew I would probably never see them again!

This year teaching has been an amazing journey for me! To be able to watch nine adorable children grow, play, laugh, fight, cry, cuddle, dance, ride bikes, throw balls, climb on monkey bars, play in sand, put mulch down other's pants, is a gift that I will cherish forever. When I started teaching preschool I had no idea how hard, but yet how joyful, this whole experience would be!

What I have learned from this year is what a Preschool Teacher is:
-a funny comedian who likes to ride tricycles as much as the kids
-a stand in "mom" who can kiss boo-boos, find blankies, and console hurt feelings
-a disciplinarian who keeps rule
-an artist
-a singer
-a dancer
-a friend to tell secrets too
-a hand washer, nose wiper, temperature taking nurse
-a snack delivery service/meal planner
-a librarian
but most importantly,
-a person whose heart truly wants the best for all children. To give kids a great foundation to start the rest of their school years.

I look forward to seeing "my kids" start kindergarten in a few years, and hopefully when they see me they will smile, because I know I will!

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*Nikki* said...

i agree with the mixed is a very hard job..but such a rewarding one..I love teaching preschool!!