Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have an 1.5 hours to myself. Ms. Bellie is at a birthday party; Mr. Stinky and Mr. Mischief are both sleeping. Laundry is going and the trash cans are blowing around in the wind outside.
This week has been ridiculously hard on me. Why? I can't really pinpoint but I have a few ideas. It could be that we were housebound with rotavirus, It could be because I realized that Spring is knocking down our doors and there is much to do, or it could be for a handful of other reasons. Who knows. But I know that I have some time to myself!!!!!

With my time, I landed myself in a chair in my "new sewing room" which used to be called the Living Room, and grabbed a Carl Sandburg poetry book off the shelf. This is what it opened to:


The strong men keep coming on.
They go down shot, hanged, sick,
They live on fighting, singing,
lucky as plungers.
The strong mother pulling them
The strong mothers pulling them
from a dark sea, a great prairie,
a long mountain.
Call hallelujah, call amen, call
deep thanks.
The strong men keep coming on.

I pray and hope that my children will be strong and no matter what, I will try to be stronger to keep pulling them. What great words to read after such a hard week.

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