Monday, March 2, 2009

the Frow Ups

Mr. Stinky has had a bad case of the "frow ups".
It started yesterday, lasted until this morning and now his fever is just wiping him out.
My heart breaks every time one of my kiddos gets sick. I feel helpless. Especially when there is nothing to be done other than give comfort measures.
Today was surprising easy considering his sickness. Still, I look back on my day and realize not a lot was accomplished. I think I get so worried that at any moment the "frow ups" will come back, I'm hesitate to start anything. Aarrgh.
Here's praying that when the sun comes up tomorrow, and the kiddos with it, that everyone is better and I can get cracking on plants and sewing!


Maeve's Mom said...

Whenever someone around here gets the "frow ups" I go a little crazy and try to do all the laundry, run the vacuum, etc, etc. I spend any other spare time wiping anything and everything with Clorox wipes. Whenever anyone gets sick I always end up sick 2 days later, so I don't want to be behind when I start to frow up.

Anonymous said...

i know what it feels like, having the THROW ups. but charley, boy, he had it for a week! 24.7! i only had it for ONE DAY!