Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shrove Tuesday

I consider myself somewhat new, still, to the Episcopal religion. Only being Episcopal for the last 13 years, I thought I had a good grasp on my religion, especially, considering I can have fluent (however, not the most theological) conversations with Cradle Episcopalians (and yes, there is a difference)! Now the grasp I thought was there, is gone as of today. Today I realized how naive I am!
Are ya ready?!?
I thought the word "shrove" actually meant "pancake"!! Hee Hee, Snort Snort!!
Actually "shrove" means: To shrive someone, in old-fashioned English (he shrives, he shrove, he has shriven or he shrives, he shrived, he has shrived), is to hear his acknowledgement of his sins, to assure him of God's forgiveness, and to give him appropriate spiritual advice (ref.).
To exemplify my naivety I thought Mardi Gras meant to: Drink, Drink, Drink, get beads, Drink, Drink, Drink (Can you tell I used to have friends in Soulard?). In my research I found that "Mardi Gras" also means Fat Tuesday.
I love this day. I love that we should purge our "house" for things that do not bring us closer to God. To confess our sins, and really take a look at what we are doing, or what we should be doing.
I do have to say, though, that the old tradition of not eating eggs, lard, meat, or whatever else, won't fly here. We like our lard, eggs, meat, etc. I will say that we will be doing, praying, dancing and singing, sharing and donating during Lent.

Now will someone please tell me how to get:
"Shuffle step
Shuffle step
Shuffle step step
Shuffle step"

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Anonymous said...

I knew Mardi Gras was Fat Tuesday but did not know the meaning of shrove so don't feel too bad. And what's the deal with the ashes on Wednesday?