Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hi, Ms. Bellie here. If you don't have a Kirkwood Pool pass, you really need to get one. The Kirkwood Pool is so cool. The kiddie pool goes to about 2 feet deep and it has a water playground and small waterslide called "The Watering Hole".  In the family pool, the water gets to 4 feet deep and is just a free for all pool. A lot of space to really swim. The Big Pool is awesome to. The shallowest is 4 feet deep and it gets to 12 feet deep. It's a good pool for real swimmers. There's something called the Lazy River which is kind of like a river that circles all of the pools. You go around in intertubes. The water is 3 feet deep there. My favorite part of the Kirkwood Pool is the waterslides, (of course!) They start from about 30 feet high and spiral all the way down to the bottom into a 3 water-zone. There are two water slides. One is white and is just like a normal slide. You can look over all the swimming pools as you go down. The other is a green slide. It's covered and has the fastest, coldest, rushing water in Kirkwood Pool. It's pitch black inside and goes really fast. It's my favorite.

There are these two bands that rock on youtube that I love. One is named Karmin, where they do covers of different songs, but their original songs are better. Another is Cimorelli. It's these sisters who also do covers of songs, but the less capable singers sing the melody, so they don't need instruments. I highly recommend watching Cimorelli "Price Tag" by Jessie J. An amazing song with amazing singers... and two little rappers. Hope everyone has a great summer! Ms. Bellie has left the building.


dizzy said...

Thanks, Miss B. Good tour guide and music critique! Nice to have something new to read on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're very welcome, Dizzy. I like to keep it Fresh!