Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always Amazed...

When I was a very young girl, my family was driving to my Mom's hometown of Advance.

My sister and I were in the big, bench, backseat, trying to keep our feet out of each other's faces, looking out the windows at all the rows of crops that seemed to run along the road with you.  Rain started coming down.  Big huge drops of rain that you knew meant a storm coming.  We followed the raindrops as they ran down the glass of the windows.

Out of one of these drops, I saw a cow.  A cow out standing in the middle of a field getting pelted by hard, big raindrops.  Not far from the cow was a barn.  I asked my Mother: "Why doesn't the cow go into the barn to get out of the rain?".  Mom answered: "Because it doesn't know any better."

Simple. So, so simple.
Some of the most simple things that we now long for in this day and age of instant everything.

A desk that holds so many thoughts from a man who divided our Country and caused a great War.

A cook stove that could serve hundreds, or a small family.

A fence row that can take boys away from Wii into flying spells.

A girl who searches for so much knowledge.

And a Mom who still really wants the simple things.  No matter how hard they might be able to grasp (especially a decent, smiling, photo)!

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