Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Growth Spurt

You know how sometimes you turn around and look at your children, or your friends children, or your grandchildren and say "When did you get so big?"?  Well, not only have I asked that of my children, I've asked that of myself.  During the past two months, I have had a huge "growth spurt" in spirit, knowledge,  wisdom, and unfortunately, pant size too (but that's not what I want to talk about!).

During the past two months I have realized:

My daughter is no longer a little girl.  She is dancing-her-toes-off tween.  She is no longer a huge fan of "Disney" singers.  She has stretched out to music that can only be digested by tweens (and their mothers, hey it tends to grow on you) and also some really cool country music.  I'm having fun finding out what can be tolerated by both of us, and she is so good about finding the middle ground.  She has also found her passion, dancing.  Morning, noon, and night the child dances and LOVES it!

My boys want to be BIG and sweet and kind.  And they want to behave, even though at times they still don't!  They have shown their hearts to all the people they care about, and at times, can manipulate that love to get them what they want!  They are both such smart boys, and I realize that there really aren't any babies in this house anymore.

Children sometimes have to be parents/caregivers.  The past two days,  I have a tummy bug, and my kiddos have gone out of their way to make sure I was taken care of.  The "are you feeling better Mom?" has been asked again and again.  This is a hard lesson for all of us, but it is true.

But most importantly, I have realized with all of these growth spurts, the most important thing to do is pay attention.  Because the most important wisdom I have been given over the past two months, is that you never get your time back.  And I would hate not to remember all that is going on with us now.

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