Sunday, November 28, 2010


1. to present to the mind   
2. to present a likeness of  
3. to describe  
4. to stand for; symbolize 
5. to be the equivalent of  
6. to act  
7. to act in place of, esp. by conferred authority  
8. to serve as a specimen, example of, etc.

1. This Sunday, I "represented".  I was present to the mind that it is the first Sunday of Advent.  I "presented" my children with gifts of Christmas stuffed animals that were given to me as a child and that I will always hold special in my heart. Each Advent I present these animals to my children to take care of so that each Advent season, they are able to love them all over again.
2. To present a likeness to God is not always easy when raising three children, who on occasion, can test my patience and my emotions.  Advent always reminds me to present more of a likeness to God, but also to present a likeness to a mom with extreme patience, maybe June Cleaver!
3.  To describe what Advent is to my children is always a wonder to me.  I don't know how we do it, but  we do.  We explain the stories of the Bible and pray that they get something out of it.  So far, it has seemed to work, but I honestly don't know how!
4. Our family stands for Christianity.  We symbolize it in the placing of the Advent Calendar, the Wreathes, the Christmas Tree, the finger puppets, the Ornaments that represent all of Jesus' sacrifices and strongholds.  The symbols that show we are a family in and amongst ourselves, and also a family in God's world.  
5. We try to be equivalent of all of the families that have gone before us by sacrificing, arguing, bickering, and celebrating our love for each other.  There is no greater love than what we hold dearest to our hearts, and that of each other.
6.  My husband and I always try to teach ourselves and our children to act as children of God:  We must respect each other no matter what the differences, and we must love each other at all costs.  This can sometimes teach hard lessons for each of us, but that is what we choose.  This seems to be the hardest lesson of all for us to stomach, but we do so knowing forgiveness is our salvation.
7. Conferred authority has allowed me to set up a Care Calendar for a dear friend fighting Breast Cancer, allowed me to set up a prayer group for under-estimated wives, and has sent great strength to those who need healing. 
8. I try to live my life to the best of my ability.  I serve not to be recognized, but to set an example for those who come after me; my children.  I have always been taught to take what you see, throw out what doesn't seem right and emulate the rest.  When children are raised to do what they see, they will do it.
I'm not perfect.  
But I try as hard as I can to strive for perfection for my family.  
I know I will succeed because they will have their our thoughts and morals that will be different than mine.  Being raised in a family with strong beliefs, we all try to represent each other to the best of our abilities.
I wish all of you a blessed Advent season as we re-learn, again, what we should make important to our lives.


Anonymous said...

Very, Very Thoughtful, Mom.
I sure do love you.
Ms. Bellie

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You need to introduce December! It's almost Christmas for Pete's sake! BTW: who's Pete?
Ms. Bellie <3 <3 peace out