Monday, September 13, 2010

The photo...

See that photo up top on my banner?  What should have been the perfect photo of Manhattan from Brooklyn?  But the photo where my camera fouled and the wind caught it?  This is a perfect example of what our September has seemed liked so far!  Not necessarily a blur, but an image of how busy we are.  It can be hard to focus.

This lovely woman, who I am proud to call my cousin:
Turned me on to this:
And I am starting to think this is the vehicle of choice to get us through our weeks until spring (only because our cars do not have a sink, bathroom, nor comfy quarters)!

My cousins will use one of these puppies to drive them down the Western Coast from Canada to LA on a vacation of their lifetimes!  Whereas I, just want it to get myself and my three kiddos back and forth from our daily routines!

The beginning of September for hubby and I started with great anticipation of a trip, that would forever precede all other wedding trips, to NYC Manhattan and Brooklyn to stay with the "cuzins" and be witness to one of hubby's best friends weddings in Central Park.  A trip full of good memories that only the Manhattan and Brooklyn late night's could provide.  I don't think we realized that NYC is a time warp and that a wedding could last 2 full weeks!!

As we get back into the swing of it all, I looked at our schedule and just about shot myself!  Seriously, they talk about children being over scheduled!! What have I done to myself?!?  Oh wait, I know: I turned into a taxi driver who needs a VW to go to:
3 different schools for pick ups and drop offs being at 3 different times
5 trips to dance class
3 different room parent assignments, if not substitution dates
2 trips to Girls on the Run
community garden back and fros
Girl Scout commitments
school parade volunteering
sunday school volunteering
1 trip to soccer practice
and one lazy trip to the couch to hear the piano lesson.

There are so many things to be done, and wishing we could add (call me crazy but Mr. Mischief really needs drum lessons) that my head is in a constant whirlwind making sure everything gets completed.

So when you see me around in my new VW, smile and nod, because I may or may not recognize you before I step on the gas pedal to get us where we need to go before we are late.  But if you smile, at least I know not to run you over!!

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