Thursday, August 12, 2010

We took a trip and checked in!

Some people call it "unplugging" I tend to call it "checking in".  Checking into a place where the world can stand still and you can focus on your babies and yourself.  To check into this place
we needed a days drive, sunlight, and laughter to get us there.

The Smokies Mountains have forever held a special place in my heart.  I've worked there, backpacked through it, vacationed there and explored as much of it as possible.  It never ceases to amaze me by its beauty.  The trees wrap you under them and seem to slowly whisper "slow down".  

To slow down you have to be intentional.  There is so much to see and do, you just want to keep hurrying along.  I did manage to slow down and I came to see some things I haven't manage to actually look at in a while, even though the are always under my nose.



the fact that our family is somewhat weird (so says Ms. Bellie):

But the best part about checking in?  The moments when we all realized we were our family together. And we all loved it!

we will keep it in our hearts!

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Anonymous said...

It was the best vacation experience that I ever had! I want to go back in time where we could live in a cabin and get to ride horses wherever we went! Sha-Kon-Ohey is right!

Ms. Bellie<3 :)