Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The First Day

School started today!  It was mixed emotions on my part.  Excited that my 4th grader was able to return to her school excited and hungry for her old friends and new knowledge.  Sad to send my kindergartner away on a bus to a new place he had only seen once before.

I surprised myself by not crying as much as I thought I would!  It wasn't easy though, but the last thing Mr. Stinky needed was seeing his Mama cry when I left him!

Both of my kiddos were troopers and did awesome!

With Hubby still home and not started back to school yet, I even was able to go for a run (it was either run or go back to bed)!

So I can consider the first day a huge accomplishment!  Let's just pray the rest of the week goes as well!  And if you wouldn't mind, say a prayer for me that the 7 kids I'm bringing home tomorrow after school all get along!!

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