Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In like a Lion

Once again, we are starting out a new month with sick kiddos!
I'm seriously thinking about calling this woman and seeing if she has any suggestions.
My children eat vegetables (they actually prefer them raw), fruit, fiber, some junk, but they eat well. They take vitamins, they don't get soda, we buy whole milk and juice is limited.
I would have thought that this late into winter their immune systems would have built up so that they wouldn't be catching every little bug that comes near them!
My heart breaks because you know they feel awful and tire easily. I'm starting to lose ideas about what can be done with them inside. Last night while I was making dinner, the boys came in and asked ME to make up a game for them because they couldn't think of anything to play. I explained to them the game of Hide and Seek with your stuffed animals. One person hides the animal and the other one has to find it. They loved it for all of 8 minutes.
Today Mr. Stinky wants to paint, which is HUGE for him to even suggest. I'm thinking a really BIG piece of paper and I'm not so sure I would even care about the mess.

I hope the lamb comes pretty soon so that we can open up all the windows, spray the house down with Lysol and get rid of this crud!

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Kim & Dave said...

Yeah-we were healthy all winter (amazing!) until last week-then our little guys had a fever of almost 106 & had to be on O2! & to think I thought we might make it through the whole winter-NOT!!

Kelly said...

I still have my fingers crossed for a pretty healthy winter. We've had colds, but nothing too serious. I hope your little ones feel better soon.

The lamb is definitely taking his time!