Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Arch

Today Hubby and I took the kiddos to the Jefferson National Expansion National Park, aka: The Arch.

Today was a beautiful day here. 71 degrees, some haze, with a nice blowing breeze. Seriously, a gorgeous day!!

The Arch Experience, was just that, "an experience". Between Mr. Mischief not wanting to behave, my being claustrophobic in the elevators, and Mr. Stinky having to leave "the experience" early to find the potty, I did have a slight revelation, which I thought was kinda neat.

To enter the Arch, you start at ground level. Then you descend underground so that you may begin your journey to the top. Underground you learn about all the hardships, heartache, injustices, beauty, and raw feelings of our fellow Americans who have gone before us. As you journey to the top, you are a little frightened, nervous, and excited about what the top will bring. Once at the top, you marvel in the beauty and grandness you see all around you. When it is time to leave the skies, you feel that the images you saw will remain with you for a lifetime. A sigh of relief is expelled when your feet hit the underground from where you began. As the Sun shines on your face when exiting the park, it seems fresh and new.

All of these feelings are so representative of my life right now! You start a family from scratch. Learn that it will not be easy. Remember that your Mothers and Fathers raised children. Fight nervously and frantically against yourself that your decisions will be the best ones. Hope that you reach a point where your children are healthy, happy, successful adults, so that you will be marveled. Then you can relax and appreciate the small things even more.

With these thoughts freshly embeded in my brain, reading over my Doozy List didn't seem so bad. Knowing that there have been families, and still are families, in the world who do not have things so easy, makes my list seem smaller.

Even though, no matter what I check off the list, there is always more being added!

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Amy @ New Nostalgia said...

Love your thoughts, it made me pause and think about what is important in life.
So true, there is always stuff to add to the neverending doozy list!
So glad you linked up to "AP Tuesdays" Thank you!
Hope to see you next week!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Your blog design is beautiful. I absolutely love the black and white picture of your kids looking out the window. We're always discussing taking the train from here in Kansas City to St. Louis to see the Arch. We've driven by it many times and it is a marvel indeed.

If your family loved this trip they'd like the experience of the CN Tower in Toronto as well. We drove home from there in Sept. in a day (1060 and yes, we're completely in sane!).

Marianne said...

My lists and my day to day to dos really is nothing compared to what people before us had to endure that is for sure, but it is easy to loose focus sometimes.
Thank you for a very thoughtful entry.
Visiting from Anti-Procrastination Tuesday and 30-Minute blog Challenge.