Monday, March 15, 2010

Ah, Monday.

The start of a new week!
All the boys and I are on Spring Break this week. As I start to think how wonderful and relaxing this week will be, I start to realize my to do list is ever growing, with no end in sight!

I'm trying to narrow it down, so that we can relax and have some fun but I have no idea what to eliminate off the list!
1. Call OT's to interview
-set up appointment
2. Clean out boys closet
3. Clean out Ms. Bellie's closet
4. Clean out MY closet.
5. Organize storage space in the top of garage.
6. Hang curtains so the sun will not pierce my brain while making dinner.
7. Sew new curtains for kitchen.
8. Sew Ms. Bellie's Easter dress.
9. Mop the floors.
10. Write letters for Community Garden.
-schedule times for workers to work at garden.
11. Go through, and get rid of baby toys.
- organize the big kid "learning toys" for the boys.
12. Put in lettuce, potato and onion garden.
13. Clean out laundry room so that the "laundry pile" can actually stay in it's own room.
14. Clean out flower gardens of dog poop (my personal favorite. NOT!)
15. Sew pants and shorts for boys.
16. Make Mr Stinky a dinosaur blanket that he keeps asking me about!
17. Finish working on the sensory diet.

the list keeps on going, but i'm realizing instead of typing it up, I should just GET ON WITH IT!
Happy Monday!


Amy @ New Nostalgia said...

I would love to see this list shared at "Anti-Procrastination" tuesdays! We can be overwhelmed together:)
Love the look of your blog!

Amy @ New Nostalgia said...

lol lol at number 6.