Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear God-

Every other year our church hosts a Mardi Gras party where members of the church come together with their excellent talent to put on a show composed of different skits.

This year, I am participating in a skit called "Dear God Letters". Some of the letters will be from children writing to God and the other letters will be from Moms writing to God. These are going to be hysterical! What fun we are going to have!

I know what my letter would say:
"Dear God,
Thank you for these little souls you have blessed me with! But why did you think I could handle so much without a manual? I trust you and I'm sure you think I know what I'm doing, but in all honesty, I'm just wingin' it down here. So, if I don't do as good as job as you would expect, please don't hold it against me!
The questions they ask are so very perplexing. Thank you for giving us the internet because now I can explain (for the hundrendth time) why the sky is blue!
I do have some questions for you though, that aren't on the internet! When will the boys be able to wipe their own bottoms so that I can eat a meal without having to get up from the table before I'm finished? Could you let me know your schedule for when they will get sick so I can plan accordingly? And lastly, when will Jim Breuer's wish come true?

Yours truly,
Ms. Bellie, Mr. Stinky and Mr. Mischief's devoted Mom

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