Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damage Control

Every Sunday after dinner our family watches America's Funniest Videos. We love this show! The kids oohhh and aahhh and absolutely crack up until hiccups and belly aches begin from laughing so hard! I have always wondered how long it would take them to start imitating some of the crazy things they see on AFV. So far, they haven't tried anything crazy, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they won't.

This past Sunday, after AFV was over, my daughter and I remained in the living room with the tv left on while I went through some of my scrap fabric with her. Extreme Home Makeovers came on and she really enjoyed listening to the story of the family they were featuring. What they do for a living, how badly they needed a new home. Then the tv caught her eye and she saw the whole family together. The father and boys all had mohawks. She was stunned and now totally engaged in the show. The family was full of musicians, and the parents were music teachers. Since her father is also a music teacher, she thought this family was totally cool.

Then it happened! Out came KISS. She recognized them, but didn't realize some of the songs she has heard in her life were performed by them. She saw the little boys with their mohawks and skull shirts on jamming with KISS. Gene Simmons was not easy for me to explain, because other than the fact that sticking out his tongue is "his thing" I have no idea why he does it! To be honest, I don't know the whole backstory of why they wear makeup. Anyway, she was smitten with the concept of "heavy metal".

Here's the proof:

Now, I have to do my research on KISS and try to explain to her that Elton John is not considered Heavy Metal! I really thought it would take many more years before heavy metal entered her life. Well, that's what I get for letting her watch a show about helping others!!

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amandaginn said...

(Found you at Steady Mom)

Ha! This cracked me up!

dizzy said...

Hope it is a passing fancy! Mozart and Beethoven wore wigs & strange (to us) attire. Too bad they never had a chance to be in a video!

Amanda said...

(found you via Steady Mom)
Oh this post was so funny!! Makes me excited for whats to come with my girl.

se7en said...

Eeew Gene Simmons - not my best!!! Hopefully she will be moving on - for all your sakes!!! Have a good week!!!