Sunday, January 31, 2010

What to do first!?!

Tomorrow is the beginning of February as you all know. And I cannot decide what to do first!

I have a huge list (as always). A lot of what is on my list is for responsibilities for other people and places, such as church, my preschool, my son's classes, my daughter's school. But there is a lot on my list of things I WANT to do, that don't necessarily have to get done (other than finishing Ms. Bellies curtains ((no I haven't' forgotten honey!))).

For those of you who know me well, you know I like to sew (and for the rest of you, now you know too)! Growing up, my mother and grandmother both sewed. During my childhood I always liked to watch people sew, but that was as far as my interest went. As a mother myself now, sewing is sometimes a necessity. You know, like when your child says they want to be ___________ for Halloween and you cannot find a ___________ costume anywhere? Yep, that is when sewing of some kind comes into play. When that first happened to me I learned that I love to sew. Luckily it came easy to me and I progressed to become a half-decent seamstress.

In February the fabric stores start to have all of their sales on Spring Fabric because now is the time to start making things for Spring and Summer. So instead of going to the fabric store and buying everything I love that my eye takes me too, I went through all of what I already have and came up with a decent amount of yardage that will work for Spring. Unfortunately, most of the Spring colors are very girlie, so Ms. Bellie will be outfitted nicely, but the boys I think I will have to shop a little bit for. I also came across a bunch of vintage fabric from the early 70's that I can't wait to figure out what to do with!!

So back to the question: What should I do first? I'm loaded with fabric, Wonder Under, batting, thread, ribbon, buttons, trinkets, you name it!

Any ideas?

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Wonder under?