Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quiet, what's that?

Most afternoons we have mandatory rest time in our house. My boys are pretty much done napping for now, but I do make them play quietly in their room so that I can take a siesta and recharge. Sometimes "playing quietly" can get quite loud. Today is a perfect example!

Mr. Stinky and Mr. Mischief always crack me up when they are resting. You can't make up stuff like they do. It's amazing the imagination that goes into some of these conversations. Today was a rare day when you could almost follow what they were doing, so today I thought I would share these random conversations with you from the other room.

MS: You're in the hot lava!
MM: No I'm not!
MS: Yes you are! It's in your hair! Squeeze the hair!
MM: I'm squeezing! DO YOU HEAR ME?? I'M SQUEEZING!!
MS: (making some type of random boy noise that I can't even imagine trying spell) It's not working!! The dinosaurs! Get them out! They don't have hair!

Now ADD of some form kicks in and they are entranced by the "magic ball" that started going off on its own (things like this happen in their room because they play with everything at once, therefore their floor is covered with every toy in there!).
MM: It works all by itself!
MS: No, I think you touched it!
MS: Yes you did.
MM: No I didn't
MS: Yes you did!
MM: No I didn't.
MM: Oh, yeah, I guess I did!

Back to the game:

MS: Remember last night when that was an accident? You said Yeah?
MM: I don't like you anymore and I don't want to play!
MS: But then who will you play with?
MM: Oh. yeah I guess I do like you! Hey let's sing!
MS + MM: Lou,lou,lou, lo, lo,lo,lo. (happily laughing!)
MM: DOOOHH! Zoinks! Run! There's some bad guys!
MS: Lou,lou,lou, lo, lo,lo,lo!! What a great song!
MM: A,B,C easy as 1,2,3!! Oh no! the monster!!
MS: Is it in the hot lava?

MM: Mommy? I wanna get in your bed!
Me: Nope, can you get a tissue and wipe your nose?

And so it goes! The marvelous conversations at our house!
I think rest time is officially over!

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dizzy said...

Funny, funny, funny!