Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween is knocking on our door!

Halloween this year is going to be a big event!

Ms. Bellie and I have been wanting to host a big party ever since we moved home after the fire, but circumstances were always to hectic to host too many people. "The yard hasn't grown grass", "furniture hasn't been placed", you name it, there was always an excuse! Granted the excuses were all true, but yet excuses none the less!

No more excuses! Halloween will be the blow out!

We have already started on the decorations! Now is the time to finish all the cooking, sewing, cutting, glueing, spider web spinning goodness to make this the spookiest Halloween ever! All the kiddos are involved and seem to be having fun doing all of this!

Follow me this coming week as I share what we are doing and making! The menu starts tomorrow!

Oh, and, check
this out! Totally cool and creepy! Gotta love Martha at this time of year!

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