Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, the bliss....

The quiet, peaceful, calm, wonderful, lovely, beautiful Bliss has ENDED!

Mr. Mischief spent, not one, but 2 nights with his grandparents! Thank You MOM and DAD! You two ROCK! While Mr. Mischief was in their wonderful care, he shifted into his alter ego and behaved and was a great, personable, chatty child!!

Meanwhile, back at home, Ms. Bellie and Mr. Stinky were calm and happy, played together, had fun together and actually stayed out of trouble! My husband even commented that he hadn't heard me raise my voice the whole time Mr. Mischief was gone!

Simple, easy, Bliss!

Wiped out in a matter of moments!

After we picked Mr. Mischief up from my parents, we went to the local pizza place. All was fine until...
The moment Mr. Mischief was taken out of the arcade at the pizza place.

Bliss ended.

What replaced it was screams of terror and torture!
Terror, for the fear he would never, ever, never, come back to the pizza place with the cool arcade. Torture, trying to get the little man into his car seat while screaming in terror.

The screams continued...but now moving from one child to the five minute increments....for an HOUR!

Once they were in bed, I sat and turned on the tv. Guess what was on?

The 25th Anniversary of Wrestle Mania. I guess it never ends!

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