Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's scary!

It's scary how quiet it is around here tonight!
Mr. Mischief is spending the night with my parents. This is my attempt to separate him from me, just long enough for him to appreciate me more so that I will be more successful teaching his preschool class (I know I'm kidding myself, but please indulge me!).

So, tonight, Mr. Stinky was given a haircut. which, he would not have sat through with Mr. Mischief here antagonising him. Ms Bellie was able to bake cookies. which, she would not have been able to do with Mr. Mischief here throwing cookie dough everywhere. Everyone was CALM and happy!

It's scary how much we all miss him. This little stinkpot keeps us on out toes, in stitches, and running in circles.

Oh, my darling boy, how you remind me to always push the limits of our lives!! See you tomorrow!

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