Thursday, June 11, 2009

She said so!

So when your daughter says "Mom, you really need to work on your blog. You haven't done anything for months.", you know it's time to reconnect with blogland (or, let your daughter start her own blog NOT!)!
We have been so busy this past month! School ended, dance recitals were performed, all the drama that comes with the start of summer, whew! how exhausting!
Now that summer is here, our family can concentrate on the most important thing: each other, oh, and chickens, oh, and gardens.

The kiddos have been REALLY enjoying the chickens!! When we go to the country and they are able to play with their buddies, the chickens follow along. The "Chicken Whisperer", as we like to call her, is able to pick up and pet any of the 10 chickens we have. She is amazing! I tried really hard to grab and hold on to Wyde Twik, and before I knew what had happened, she flew out of my hands. To be honest, I had no idea chickens were so strong! At the end of the summer, our hens will be full grown and will hopefully be laying eggs! Just think, free range chickens, all in my best friends yard!

Our garden is coming along amazing well so far! Do you like our "garden art"? That is what we like to call the tripods made out of cut trees that will hold up the pole beans. I was so afraid that some of these big, massive thunderstorms we have had would have knocked them over, but nope, they are still standing! Come harvest time, we will have beans, beans, beans!! also peas, cucumbers, all kinds of different tomatoes, onions, squash, watermelon, pepper (green, red, yellow, jalepeno) and hopefully okra! We have already been eating the lettuce! and soon enough, there will be enough blackberries to make you sick!

anybody want some chicken feed;)


Anonymous said...

nice picture of wylie, mom, you should Call it...
"i am a hobo livin' on the countryside. i wanted to show you this here plant. oh, and can i borrow some underwear?" love laurabelle*

giveitawhirl said...

u guys get 2 go 2 union? awwwwwwwww!
secret give it a whirl admirer.