Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There's a 1st for everything!

My husband and I have been in our house for over 10 years now.
Over the past ten years we have seen some amazing wildlife: fox, great horned owls, barred owls, screech owls, opossum (not so amazing), flying squirrels, big brown bats, little brown bats, garter snakes, night crawlers, tufted tit-mouse, various woodpeckers, flickers, red-tailed hawks, shoulder hawks, jays, cardinals, house wrens, nuthatch, really more birds than you could shake a stick at.
The most common wildlife we see are crows and grey squirrels. One thing that has always been missing from this woodland wildlife are raccoons.
We have never, ever seen raccoons on our property. Not until tonight.
The wonderful wind we have been having has been blowing over our trash cans (raccoons natural habitat). For the first time ever, I was stared down by a raccoon. He/She was pretty upset when I, and my trusty dog, interrupted it's dinner tonight.
Now that this niche has been filled, I'm wondering if raccoons will be invading our property! I'm having flashbacks of growing up in a neighborhood where we would bungee cord the trash can lids in a way that would outsmart any raccoon.
And raccoons are really smart!

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Maeve's Mom said...

We are so different! All that wildlife sounds horrifying. I am totally anti-gun but am tempted to get one just to take out the squirrels around here. We have found bunnies living under our pool deck (ok, they were cute). We found a dead baby possum in our garage (they lived under the deck for a while too). And, a pair of mallard ducks took up residence in our pool cover (full of water) for a while and then the mama came back with her babies. Lucky for us the babies couldn't climb the deck to get into the (uncovered) pool, so they went elsewhere. I didn't realize life in the suburbs would have so much wildlife!