Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

I hope everyone had a happy Monday!  We sure did!  We even experienced a first "poop on the potty!".  Too exciting!
This weekend was crazy!  Friday night, hubby and I had plans to go to Ms. Bellies Trivia Night.  As the Brand New Babysitter showed up with her Mom, I explained that I would need to be on the phone with Poison Control.  Mr. Mischief thought it would be "cute" to eat Pantene Conditioner.  Yup, he is that child!!  Luckily, Pantene Conditioner is not fatal, and the wonderful PC Man said "Go to your Trivia Night, I'll call the babysitter back in an hour."  How awesome?!?  I have Poison Control checking in on my babysitters for me!?! no way!!!!  or wait, if I remember from the last PC call, I think calling back is standard procedure.  bummer.  I thought I was special!
Hubby and I did have a great time at Trivia Night after all!  And most importantly, I learned that I remember nothing from the 80's.  I guess I was too interested in my boyfriend, Pom-Pom outfit and parties to pay much attention to the world around me.  Ahh, well,, at least I married my boyfriend and my Pom-Pom outfit still looks great hanging in my Mother's closet!
As for the Super Bowl, we appreciated most of the commercials, however, I didn't think all of them were as good as what they have been in the past.  Ms. Bellie loved the Clydesdale (the good STL girl she is), but here is our favorite!  

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