Wednesday, January 7, 2009


There aren't too many places around here where a child can be outside playing and end up with squished Persimmons on their shoes.  That is why we like to go to the "Country".

Over the Holiday break we went out to our dear friends house in the Country.  They live on 8 acres with 2 big dogs and 3 kiddos.  They have a river in the back of their acreage at the bottom of the woods.  They have a cave, acres of trees, acres of grass and a huge vegetable garden.  

The kiddos are outside all the time no matter what the season.  Why? because they are "country kids".  They are hardy, tanned, well behaved country kids.  My kiddos LOVE our country friends!  Everyday since we have been back from the country Mr. Stinky asks "when are we going back Mom?"

Something I love about going to the country is their Country Mom.  She is the sweetest, best Mom.  You know why?  Because she is hardy, tanned, and well behaved  (just kidding!).  Country Mom cooks just about everything they eat from scratch.  While we were there, we sat at the country kitchen table and I watched her pull apart a cooked chicken for our Chicken and Dumplings dinner.  And yes, the dumplings were freshly made.  I watched as she perfectly made the dough and rolled it out and cut it up.  I think it took her all of 7 minutes.  She cans her own vegetables, makes her own sauces and salsas and relishes.  She sews!!  What else? Hmmmm, I think she pretty much does everything herself, including being a Girl Scout leader.  Her kids adore her because she loves them too death and takes excellent care of them.

Ms. Bellie spent the night with our country friends the day we were there.  Ms. Bellies Country Counterpart came and spent the night with us the next night.  Oh how different these two girls are, but how similar too!  They each want what the other has but wouldn't change anything for the world.

As we get into this New Year, I am going to make an effort to bring a little more "Country" into our house.  More made from scratch cooking, a bigger veggie garden for spring, and a lot more sewing.  As for my kiddos stepping in a mess of Persimmon seeds?? Well, I can guarantee they will step in a mess but it won't have come from a tree!


Maeve's Mom said...

Oh, the country sounds wonderful. Funny, my grandma was visiting and made chicken and dumplings (from scratch) for New Year's Day. They were awesome and I totally want to learn to make them. I could use a little more country around here too.

dizzy said...

My grandmother, born in 1876, hated to cook, and her dumplings came from balled-up canned biscuits. Oh, the horror! We loved them.