Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The Country Girl says:  "When country girls grow up they want to live in the city."

The City Girl says: "When city girls grow up they want to live in the country."

When Country Girls and City Girls get together.

School started back up.  The Christmas Tree taken down.  Meltdowns from tired children are happening.  Lunches need to be made.  Homework has to be completed.  Kids need to get to and from school.  Mom's Taxi is on the go.

It doesn't matter if you are a City Girl or a Country Girl.  The floors still need to be cleaned!


Maeve's Mom said...

Ugh! I have to clean the floors? I'm still working on getting all the presents put away/organized and the last of the decorations down. House-cleaning is on my list for the weekend. Fortunately back to school went off without a hitch yesterday and today.

dizzy said...

Aw, come'on, your dog is too well behaved to leave behind anything one could step on. On second thought . . . . maybe I am wrong.

And you can tell your country friend that I agree with all the nice things you said about her and her children. Both of your families are lucky to be friends.