Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Big Sis!!
My sister's Birthday was yesterday and I completely lost time to call her.  From the moment the worker guys showed up to jack hammer out our basement floor, the moment I showed up at preschool as a substitute, to the moment we went to dance class, and the moment we were home to deal with Mr. Stinky and Mr. Mischief, I was thinking about her.  
My sister is, and has always been, the best sister.  I have always said that "if we weren't sisters, we wouldn't be friends."  We are that different.  My sis is blond haired, green eyed, drop dead gorgeous.  And well, you have all seen me.  She has always been the most sought after date, the most humorous, the most liked.
When we were growing up, my sister came up with the most creative games we would play.  Her imagination was limitless.  Our most favorite game was Chrissy and Carrie and I'm sure our Mom has tapes of us playing this make believe game somewhere in her house.  
As we became older I learned a tremendous amount from her.  I learned strength, courage, and bravery from my big sis.  I also learned how to deal with boys and friends from her example.
My big sis is one girl I am glad to have partnered with for our childhood.  No matter how much trouble we got in together, we always seemed to grow stronger from it.  Our mom always said "Sister will get you into the paper bag, Tracy will get you out."  We have always been, and hopefully will continue to be a great pair!

Happy Birthday Big Sister!! I love You!!

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