Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mr. Mischief is 2!

My baby turned 2 today!

When Mr. Mischief was born, he was the smallest little baby I had ever held. He was the smallest of all three of my babies. Actually, I wouldn't even say "small", tiny is more appropriate! For the first few weeks of his life, he slept in a basket. Whatever laundry basket was handy, that's where we would put him. We would swaddle him up tight, stuff some blankets around him and then carry him around on your hip, just like you would laundry!

In the past two years, Mr. Mischief has stayed on the smaller side for many reasons. However, out of all three of my babies, he is the loudest, the most boisturest, and the biggest trouble maker. He is one heck of a flirt, and seldom meets a stranger. He loves life and his siblings. He can make you laugh at the drop of a hat, especially lately when he screams Jingle Bells!

We all adore and love Mr. Mischief greatly!

Happy Birthday Little Man!!


Anonymous said...

I thought he was Mr. Stinky. Well he is a mighty little guy and I hope he has a great third year of life.

giveitawhirl said...

nope, he's Mr. Mischief!

dizzy said...

I do believe I have seen that basket! Can't believe he was that small. His vocabulary is not small, though! Jingle Bells, anyone?