Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Sew Mama Sew!

I'm not sure if any of you took advantage of the Give Away Day Button on my sidebar, but if you did you will know what I am talking about! (Some of the Give Aways are going on right now and will continue until Friday. CHECK THEM OUT!)

Holy Cow are there some extremely talented woman out there in blogland! Today Sew Mama listed a blogroll of who was giving away their handcrafts. I was humbled. I have always (when I have had the time and energy!) tried to make fun things for my kids or myself or my family. I have always been proud of the gifts I have made and the creativity that went into making them. The things I saw today were truly amazing and I was very envious of the talent and time people have to create things!

Because of what I saw today I am allowing myself this challenge Buy Handmade or Make Handmade myself. After seeing everything today I have some great ideas! Hopefully you are on my Christmas List!

Happy Holiday Shopping! I highly recommend the Etsy shops!

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GeeB said...

No handmade (by me) gifts this year, its been too crazy. BUT I have been very busy over on
I've done a lot of custom orders, things I want to do, but didn't have time.
We'll see how it all goes.