Friday, November 28, 2008

We are getting ready!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! It truly was! It doesn't get any better than having your family at home!!

Today we started to get ready to wait. The children spent their last nice weather day outside with their Grandfather. I spent my last nice weather day mowing up the leaves and the yard, hanging garland and wreaths, and breathing the last breaths of upper 50 degree weather. Now, we will be ready to wait with great patience and anticipation.

We will wait for the tree to get decorated. We will wait for the snow to come. We will wait for school to end. We will wait for the house to get cleaned. We will wait and wait and wait for Santa to come.
While we wait the angel will give me patience. The angel comes to me from my Great Uncle Charley. My Uncle Charley had patience and great love for all of his family. His angel reminds me what we are waiting for.

Good luck to everyone getting ready for CHRISTMAS!

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dizzy said...

Love the picture! Waiting patiently and expectantly is a virtue most of us Americans do not possess. Keep it up.