Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama McCain

Tomorrow is voting day!!!!!  I'm nervous, anxious, intrigued and worried! 
What is going to happen?  Who will lead our country?  Will we all go broke?  Will we need rifles?  Will we need food stamps?  What will we need?
Will we have gasoline?  Will we have coal?  Will we have nuclear?  What will we need for acquiring oil?
Will we all have jobs?  WHAT is the MARKET going to bring us?  
Are we happy? Are we stable?  
Do we love each other?  Do we love our neighbors as ourselves?

we MUST love each other and love our neighbors as ourselves. Otherwise we will all go broke, we will all need rifles, we will all need jobs and we ALWAYS need each other.  We are Americans.  Go VOTE!

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