Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Days!

Seven Days until Thanksgiving!!!

Are you ready?  I'm not!  We still have to do our shopping, wash our most comfortable pj's and plan out a day where we have no where we have to be!!  Yes, that's right!! This year my family is staying home in their pajamas to watch parades, football and some movies and not have to leave the house!

I am sooooo excited to cook a turkey in my most comfy, threadbare, jammies!

Over the next week, the kiddos and I will be discussing what we are thankful for.  Also, we will be putting together different crafts and activities to discuss what Thanksgiving is all about (especially the fact that it is Not the beginning of Christmas).

So far, here is what they came up with:
Mr. Mischief is thankful for:
Mr. Stinky is thankful for:
reading books
cups to drink out of
beds to sleep in
Ms. Bellie is thankful for:
our shelter so that we are not wet
friends and family
bathing suits

I am thankful for such bright children!  They are very excited for this big holiday!  The next week should be lots of fun!

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