Friday, November 21, 2008

6 Days!

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am lining up all of our activities for the day!  I can't wait!
Here are two activities that you can do with your family.  They are both really simple and the kids think they will be fun!

The first activity involves these wonderful postcard/printables found here.  Barb Crews at has the most awesome stuff to use for free!  Her collections are amazing and she inspires me to be creative!  You can print them out and size them and do what every you want!  I'm leaving this activity open ended to see what the kids come up with on their own!  With such beautiful images it should be interesting!

The second activity involves paper plates and cut outs from magazines.  It is centered around one of my most favorite things: FOOD!  Help your child (if needed) cut out different foods from magazines.  Write your table prayer or whatever you want on the plate and then paste the pictures on it!  When my kids get older, I would like to take them to a Paint Your Own Pottery shop and make a platter for the turkey!

If you have any great Thanksgiving crafts you would like to share I would love to hear them!  Just leave them in the comment section!

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