Wednesday, November 12, 2008

37 Years

Thirty seven years ago a woman gave birth.  

The mother knew that through all her worry, all her anguish, all her random sickness of pregnancy; the mother knew that she would never see her baby grow into a toddler, grow into a little girl, grow into a teenager, or grow into an adult.

The mother knew grandchildren would be absent.

Thirty seven years ago a mother gave her child to a family.  A family with a mother that learned how to worry, knew how to anguish, and learned random sickness that comes with seeing a baby grow and grow and grow and grow.

And a mother has turned her grandchildren over to her mothers time and time again.

Today is my birthday.  I am 37 years old.  Today I had 3 shots, my children each had a shot and doctors visits for sinus infections, asthma occurrence, colds and double ear infections.  Today could have been from the very bottom of the barrel that comes with motherhood.  But instead the cries that said "HE's licking me!! ughh, GROSS!  COOTIES!"  were met with laughter and smiles and a warm heart.

Today I am happy.  My three babies spent the day with me.  They were there to remind me what wonderful Mother's I have.  How blessed I am.  How sad a mother can be.

Thirty seven years ago a woman named Laura gave birth to me.
Thirty seven years ago a woman named Mommy/Grandma brought me into her life.
Thirty six years ago a woman named MiMi could have never expected her son to bring me to her.

Today I count my blessings.  They are many and many.  The blessings I have incurred leave me speechless. Today I am happy because it is my birthday; I have the most amazing women celebrating me, supporting me, and encouraging me. 

Thank know who you are because I belong to all of you!

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dizzy said...

You must know that you have blessed my life!