Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today I had diamonds show up at my house

 A multitude of them in fascinating shapes and sizes.
Each one holding so much promise and reflection...
 tracks from our friendly racoon

 views from above:

and views from the inside:
Today has been a day where you think you know where you are going, but then you get thrown off guard.
I'll take it though, because each part of every day, has a part of my heart that will speak to me forever.  Great storms can do that to a person.  Especially whirlwinds and so called blizzards.


Anonymous said...

Really mom?! DIAMONDS! Who said we had diamonds show up at our house! Cool pics of the neighborly racoon in the ice\sleet\snow.
Love ya,
Ms. Bellie

Anonymous said...

oh gosh no that picture no no