Monday, January 24, 2011

A Real Fish Story

Let me just say, I don't like to lie to my children.  I really don't.  But last night, a lie had to "made", it hasn't been "told" yet and hopefully by the time Mr. Stinky is able to read, he won't want to read this blog to read about it!

Last night was fish bowl cleaning night.  We had put it off for too long and the time had come.

Mr. Stinky's fish is a beautiful red Betta with blue that veins through its fins.  Volcano is very active and loves when the kiddos come up to the fish bowl so that he can show off his "mane" that bettas have.

Rocky-Dino-Rocky was Mr. Stinky's first fish that was given to him on his 4th birthday.  RDR lived a happy life and passed away right after Mr. Stinky's 5th birthday.  RDR's death was extremely hard on him.  We explained that everything living, eventually dies.  It is the life cycle, and it is okay to be upset and sad.  For RDR's passing we gave Mr. Stinky two options: bury RDR or flush RDR.  When he heard the word "flush" he became hysterical.  He did not want his beloved fish flushed down the toilet!

Twenty minutes later we had constructed a small tombstone out of popsicle sticks and stood in the garden for RDR's funeral.  By this time, all three kiddos were crying and extremely sad.  That afternoon we went and picked out Volcano.

After cleaning Volcano's bowl last night and placing him back in his rightful place I hear my husband very quietly call my name to come upstairs.  When I reached the landing, he said "Get in here!".  I walked to into our bedroom to see Volcano in a plastic cup, motionless at the bottom.  Through my gasps I decided that very minute I was going to go out and buy a new fish to replace him.  I could not bear to go through the hysterics and turmoil again about the death of fish.  After all, the ground here is frozen solid so a funeral would be out of the question.

I drove as quickly as possible to the nearest pet store, grabbed a worker and screamed "Help ME!  I need a replacement fish right now!".  Luckily the nice gal did not think I had lost my mind, but was very disappointed that they did not have a Betta that looked like Volcano.  Immediately, we decided that if Mr. Stinky noticed that the blue on this new Betta wasn't there, we could say that it was only dirt to begin with and it washed off when we cleaned the water!

With the new fish on the seat warmer next to me, I drove home as fast as possible.  When I entered the back door, Ms. Bellie caught me to come upstairs.  I figured out she knew, and asked her to please NOT tell her brothers what we were doing!  You will not believe what she had to say:

"Volcano is ALIVE!"  What?  How could the fish that I just saw sunk in the bottom of a cup that was certainly dead and not breathing come back to life??  We're not sure how it happened but it did!!  There he was swimming around like nothing had ever happened!!  Such relief was on all our faces with big smiles because no lies would have to be told!!

So now I'm trying to figure out how to explain that we have TWO fish and what the new fish is going to go in!?!  My brain was tired from the event so I thought I would think it over while I ate my supper.

After supper, I thought it best to go back up and check on Volcano.  Sure enough he was doing just fine!! Hallelujah!  A miracle happened at our house!!

Not fifteen minutes later, I went up to start the shower.  Volcano was once again at the bottom.  Not moving, not breathing, looking more dead than a fish should look.  With huge disappointment we took a minute to gather ourselves.  The minute dwindled to seconds as we hear little feet starting up the stairs towards us.  With a swift motion we scooped Volcano out of the bowl, and in a panic, Volcano was removed and the new, beautiful red Volcano with no blue on him whatsoever was placed into the bowl.  Whew. It was over.

We started back down the stairs when Mr. Mischief asked "did you just go potty, I heard the toilet flush?".

And so, I have a feeling that this little lie might haunt me forever!

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dizzy said...

Forgot to tell you that when we looked at Volcano in his lovely clear water, Mr. S suddenly said " He's all red. He used to have some purple." As we were contemplating just how that could happen, I told him that it might be like children having really blond hair when they are babies sometimes change hair color as they get older. He bought it and then found the same white spots on the fish.. Whew!