Monday, August 23, 2010

The Help

With everything being so busy lately, I'm finding myself coming and going!  New routines and schedules, new attitudes and friends, new things to do!!

It has been very nice to have Mr. Mischief all to myself in the afternoons, and I can't wait until he starts school so that I can have Mr. Stinky all to myself two mornings a week!
There have been many things to do, start, and finish.  So many, in fact, I am onto a second sheet of paper for my "to do" list!!  I'm trying to enjoy as much of it as possible because I know that how busy we are now, we will be even busier in the coming months once everything is in full swing!

The most precious memories I will keep from the past few weeks are these:

All of my wonderful Help!  Ms. Bellie working on cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Hubby putting dill in the jars for the pickled okra, and Dad cutting up his mess of peppers to go into the canner!

No matter how small the job, or who you are doing it for, having company to chat with and help is always a great reason to start knocking down the "to do" list!

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